I'm back!

I’ve missed blogging! I have missed you people. Come on gimme a group hug guys! :)
I have been very busy and too lazy to write but trust me I have been reading many of your posts. I hardly ever commented on them though mostly because I dint feel like or was too lazy or dint want to come back to check your replies.
But anyway now I am back! :D

I mean i m making my blog public now :) I still have to adjust the font and colour of the header and all that!

Blogging has given me so much – it has given me friends for ever, friends for a season, friends who could guide me through my career choices, friends who stood by me when I was as good as being dead, friends who used to wake me up in the morning and scolded me every time I was online during exams. Friends who take me shopping, take me on photography expeditions, who talk to me at 3 in the morn just becaue I feel like talking and take my mood swings. Hell, I m so thank ful for so much. But well, sounds cliché but true, blogging has given me tough times too. Taught me how not to ever help anyone falto main, how not to be always miss goody, and how to deal with bitches and dogs, not give a shit about them. How not to bother yourself when some one spreads rumours about you, how not to get crried away when some one says ‘oh baby I love you so much’. How to have a huge fight with a blogger friend’s girl friend (yeah!! :D) and lose your friend (yeah :( ) and still not give a shit and go make yourself feel allright consciously and attend an awesome concert the same day :D

Blogging has been one hell of a journey. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every single scream throughout this ride.

Looking forward to more such thrills.
Keep posting :)